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12 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do On Your Bike

The kids at Kidvelo Bikes Australia have come up with 12 Fun Outdoor Activities to do during lockdown on your bike !

  1. Spot a Rainbow?- Go for a Bike Ride and the next time you spot a rainbow see if you can memorise the correct order of colours !
  2. Build an?obstacle course?to navigate on your bike.
  3. Ride to your nearest lake or river and learn how to?skim stones.
  4. Explore?a new bike track that you havent been to before.
  5. Beach Ride. Build a sandcastle or collect shells and make a seaside picture.
  6. Go on a?Night Time?ride with an adult.
  7. Learn some new?Bike Tricks. Take a video of yourself and send it to a friend to see if they can do them too.
  8. Go on a?Photography Ride. Take a camera, phone or Ipad and take photos of things that interest you. Share them with your grandparents or family.
  9. Find a log, branch, or rock and practice riding on it to see if you can keep your?balance.
  10. Go on a?Sensory Ride. Explore what different trees and plants smell and look like.
  11. Draw a?Bike Maze?or a?Race Track?using chalk on the footpath to follow.
  12. Explore a new?outdoor place?that you haven’t been to before. It could be a park, bike track, nature reserve or flower garden.

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