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What is the best age for a Balance Bike

What Is the Best Age for a Balance Bike?

If you are here, you surely are familiarized with balance bikes. You are on the lookout for one, but many questions ensue. Since your child is so important to you, you wouldn’t want to hinder their newfound activity by accidentally starting them out way too early. If you ask yourself: “What is the right age Read More

how long will it take to learn ride a bike

How Long Will It Take For My Child to Learn to Ride a Balance Bike?

Holidays have come by, and you are thinking about getting a balance bike for your youngling. You find yourself contemplating many things, like whether it is the right thing to do to get a kids’ balance bike if they will get the hang of it, and how long will it take them to learn how Read More

Why you dont wnat your kid to use stabilisers

Why You Don’t Want Your Kid to Use Stabilisers

Stabilizers are believed to be an integral part of learning how to ride a bike. You may have used them yourself for learning how to ride one. The reality is that times have changed, and we will show you there are better ways for children to learn how to ride a bike. Here we will Read More