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xchange sports tips for riding a scooter

Tips for Learning to Ride a Scooter

We all want our kids to enjoy the great outdoors. But unfortunately, getting them interested in the great outdoors is becoming increasingly challenging. We realized this problem ourselves, and then we began trying new things to get them invested in the great big world we have filled with natural beauty that no video game or Read More

xchange sports Kids bike accessories you need to have

Kids Bike Accessories You Need to Have

There are so many cool kid’s bike accessories that can enhance the experience for children when they’re already having a ton of fun! But it goes beyond fun; it’s also about safety and maintenance. We’re going to break down some of the best bike and scooter accessories you should know about. Bike Accessories Here are Read More

xchange sports How to Measure for a Childrens Bike Helmet

How to Measure for a Children’s Bike Helmet

The number one rule of having fun should always be having fun safely. It’s essential for kids to have helmets and, in some cases, protective padding when it comes to riding a bike or a scooter. The younger your kids, the more need there is for protective padding. As they get older, the need somewhat Read More

xchange sports kids balance bike How to stop on a balance bike.

How Do You Stop On a Balance Bike?

One of the key elements of knowing how to ride a balance bike is to be under control at all times. The component that matters the most is the ability of the infant to come to a halt when needed. If you want to teach your child how to brake on a balance bike, these Read More