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Balance Bike or Training Wheels – the Clear Winner

It’s a no-brainer.  Balance bike is the champ every time out, over training wheels.  Let’s have a look at what makes a balance bike the superior choice when getting your kid started on two wheels.  There are at least five great reasons why you should consider ditching the old-school route when your little one starts to roll. Let’s take a look at them.

Balance Bikes are a Much Better Fit for Littler Kids

The smallest bike in the typical range is called a 12’.  But don’t be misled by the name – a 12” bike frame has a seat that is about 17 inches off the ground.  Training wheels or not, that is a pretty tall bike for a 2, 3 or even 4-year-old just starting out on two wheels.  A balance bike, on the other hand, can go as low as 10 inches off the ground, perfect for just about any size beginner out there.  Children as young as eighteen months can start to feel their way around on a balance bike.

There is No Need for Training Wheels – Ever!

Balance bikes are the perfect training ground for the aspiring cyclist.  There is no rickety, side-to-side transition from the training wheel experience to a smooth two-wheel ride.  As little kids master the balance bike technique, they are essentially riding a bicycle – it just happens to be one without pedals.  They are seated, they are coasting, gliding, and turning all on their own – all on two wheels.  Adding pedals and brakes is just icing on the cake.  It’s typically a fairly easy transition from a balance bike to a full two-wheeler.

Balance Bikes are Really Light

This makes a big difference over pedal bikes with training wheels.  Your little rider’s balance is typically half the weight of a 12” two-wheeler with training wheels.  It makes them easier to pick up off the ground, and easier to get moving.  Your child will go farther, faster on a balance bike, and probably enjoy the experience a lot more.  Again, toddlers as young as a year and a half can get going on a balance bike, an impossibility, compared with learning to ride a bicycle with training wheels.

Balance Bikes and Uneven Surfaces

They are like off-road vehicles for the toddler set.  A balance bike can be ridden on a variety of surfaces – bikes with training wheels can’t compete.  Those plastic wheels in the back don’t take bumps and turns very well.  They are pretty much for riding straight, on a smooth surface – that’s it.  Balance bikes have training wheels beat in this regard.

A Much Earlier Start – a Much Longer Experience

We’ve mentioned the age difference between training wheel-clad bicycles and balance bikes.  The training wheel experience is a short and troublesome one, by and large.  It’s generally limited to riders four years plus and lasts until they get the hang of two-wheeled pedaling.  By contrast, the balance bike can be something enjoyed by your toddler from 18 months until they are ready to make the move to pedals.  By that time, they will have ridden miles and miles on their balance bike, over the course of about three years.

We repeat – the clear winner in this contest is the balance bike, hands down.  We hope you found this comparison useful.  We have a wonderful selection of balance bikes in stock – check them out.


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