Ignite your child’s love for cycling with our 18 inch balance bike. Designed for kids ready to transition from balancing to pedaling, this bike enhances balance, coordination, and confidence. Crafted from premium materials for long-lasting durability, it’s the perfect choice for adventurous youngsters. Discover the joy of cycling today! 

18 inch Balance Bikes

The Perfect Bike for Older & Taller Kids: 18 inch Balance Bikes

Ignite Your Child’s Love for Adventure

Introducing our 18 inch balance bike, the ideal choice for children who are ready to take their cycling skills to the next level. Designed with utmost precision and care, this bike provides a seamless transition from training wheels to a two-wheeled ride. Our goal is to ignite your child’s love for adventure and provide them with a safe and fun experience as they explore the world on two wheels.

Unleash Their Confidence and Balance

Our 18 inch balance bike focuses on developing your child’s balance and coordination skills, setting the foundation for a lifetime of cycling success. The bike’s low center of gravity and wide handlebars offer enhanced stability, helping your little one stay upright with ease. As they gain confidence and control, they’ll be ready to conquer any obstacle that comes their way.

Quality and Durability Guaranteed

When it comes to our 18 inch balance bikes, quality is our top priority. Crafted from premium materials, this bike is built to withstand the wear and tear of adventurous kids. The sturdy frame and puncture-resistant tires ensure long-lasting durability, making it the perfect investment for your child’s cycling journey. Whether they ride on rugged terrains or smooth pavements, our balance bike is designed to handle it all.

Balance Bikes for 5 Years to 8 Year Olds

Designed to provide your little one with a solid foundation for many years of fun riding, 18-inch balance bikes feature 2-in-1 convertible bikes.

If your child isn’t yet ready to move onto a pedal bike but is too tall for a traditional 12″ or 14” wheel balance bike, don’t worry! We have an exclusive range of bigger 18” balance bikes suitable for older and taller children from 5 to 8 years.

  • Bike Weight: 7.6 kgs
  • Fits a child’s Inseam: 49cm – 66cm

We offer different 18-inch balance bikes from world leading brand Kidvelo. We stock an exclusive range of Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance Bikes now available, having a ton of smart features and designs to help little ones ride sooner, better, and safely.

This bike is perfect for your kiddo’s grooming, featuring a compact size, high strength, and excellent resistance, designed for taller children who have not learned to ride.

Get your 18” balance bike delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia with free shipping on orders above $250. Order Now!

Xchange Sports|18 inch Balance Bikes

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