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Bike Helmets for Babies and Toddlers

Every parent wants their child to have a great time on 2, 3 or even 4 wheels.  But safety has to come first. Whether your toddler is getting on their first balance bike, tricycle, or bike with training wheels, make sure they are as safe as can be.  A bike helmet will add an extra layer of safety as your little daredevil gets used to zooming along on their vehicle.  Here’s a look at some considerations when looking at bike helmets for your baby or toddler. Hang on tight, let’s roll!

Bike Helmets for Kids – Proper Fit is Paramount

The subtitle says it all –  make sure the bike helmet you choose fits properly.  There are several size designations, including:

  • Toddler
  • Child
  • Youth
  • Extra small (XS)
  • Small (S)
  • Medium (M)

The thing is, there seems to be little uniformity in these labels, so you really need to focus on head circumference.  That’s right – measure your kid’s head with a tape measure, in centimeters.  All bike helmet manufacturers list a head circumference range, regardless of their specific size names.  If the range they list falls within your child’s head circumference, you can be sure that the helmet is a potential fit.

How the Bike Helmet Should Fit

Your little rider’s helmet should fit snugly on their head – never too loosely.  It needs to sit firm, even over bumps and in the wind.  On the other hand, you don’t want a fit so tight that it feels uncomfortable.  The best bike helmets have a dial-adjust knob on the back.  Once you’ve picked out a helmet that fits the head circumference, you can use the knob to tighten to the optimum setting – firm but not too firm.  

Child Bike Helmet Weight: Lighter = Better

Look for a lightweight bike helmet for your speed demon.  The better ones tend to be lighter in weight.  They aren’t compromising on effectiveness, either.  You don’t need a huge, clunky, heavy helmet to protect your child’s head. Toddlers and babies, especially, can suffer neck strain, should the helmet atop their head be too much for them.  Lightweight construction materials offer more than enough protection for your little rider.

For Your Kid, Bike Helmet Style is Everything

For a youngster, there may be an issue convincing them that to get on their pint-sized vehicle, they must be wearing head protection at all times.  The best advice is to involve them in the selection process.  Once you have narrowed down your choices and identified a bunch of good quality, comfortable-looking and within-your-budget helmets, run them by the kid.  

Designs, color schemes, doo-dads – trust us, these will catch their attention.  Getting them into the action early, by having them look, touch and feel the products will make it that much easier for them to accept the concept of actually wearing the helmet.  Also, think about leading by example – you might show them how an adult version looks on you. Have fun with it, and you’ll be assured of a safer ride for your child.

We hope you found this summary useful.  We have a wonderful selection of kids’ bike helmets in stock – check them out.


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