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Brakes or No Brakes? What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

Balance bikes are a whole new world both for parents and kids equally. If you have a child of your own it can be very likely that you have heard of what a kids’ balance bike is. What may render you confused is the number of options you have available in the market.

“Brakes, or no brakes?” “What is the best one for my child?” You will find that each type is best suited for each stage of the learning curve. Here we will show you the vast array of alternatives available in the market and which one will serve its purpose best.

When Not to Use Brakes

Not using brakes may sound like an alien concept to you. Common sense may indicate to us that when we need to stop, we have to use brakes. If you don’t believe us, go to the nearest park where children are riding bikes and see how many lay their feet on the ground before even pressing the brakes, if they do it at all.

The reality is that the factor that determines whether you should get a kids’ balance bike with or without brakes is age. If your child is a toddler no older than 18 months old, you’ll be better off buying one without brakes. At that age, kids are bound to slide their feet on the ground to come to a halt. This maneuver is instinctive.

Another good reason for considering buying a balance bike with no brakes is that toddlers also still lack the required finesse to press on the brake levers to stop the bike. So, in this particular scenario going for no brakes is what you need.  

When to Use Brakes

Now we’ll tell you when it is adequate to contemplate acquiring a balance bike with brakes. You guessed it right. Whether you should or not also comes down to the age of the child once again. If they are around the vicinity of 2 or 3 years of age, going for a braked balance bike is the more suitable choice.

If you get to think of it, at those ages they get more intrepid with the use of the balance bike, which means that they are going to need brakes to stop them in their tracks. When they reach that stage, inclines and speed are going to become their best friend, so pressing the feet against the surface will not suffice. Ergo, you ought to go for brakes.

Pros of Using a Bike with Front and Rear Brakes

Among the existing balance bikes, you will notice that there are different variants: front brakes, rear brakes, and front and rear brakes. With front brakes only, you’ll get more of a sudden stop. With rear brakes, you will get more of a smoother stop, yet somewhat slower. With both types of brakes, you get the best of both worlds.

Another pro of using brakes in a balance bike is that they resemble a lot an actual bike with pedals, which will make the transition much smoother.

Now the Choice is Up to You

Now that we have equipped you with all the information that you need, it is your moment to take your pick. Get the best balance bikes in Australia at

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