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Balance Bike vs Training Wheels

Balance Bike vs Training Wheels

Just because we all grew up using training wheels doesn’t mean that our kids don’t deserve better!



What’s wrong with training wheels?

The balance bike vs training wheels debate is booming. Here you can learn all the facts. Training wheels and tricycles teach children how to NOT ride a bike because they aren’t built to ride like a normal bicycle. These bikes “pre-balanced” meaning a child will still have to learn how to balance after transitioning to a regular bike. These bikes ignore the most important part of riding – balance. Training wheels and tricycles are hard to ride a long distance, because they can easily get caught on gravel or rough surfaces, and they lose their balance easily.

A good majority of people reading this right now probably learned to ride using training wheels or a tricycle. Think back on those memories, practicing for hours and when you were ready to try out a pedal bike…WHAM. Right into the concrete. Mom and Dad were always there to help out. A few bumps and bruises, then right back at it. Falling is inevitable if a child doesn’t understand how to balance. Without learning this skill, kids will struggle for longer than if they had used a bike that required them to practice balance. Learning how to pedal will come naturally after using a Balance Bike.


Why are Balance Bikes Better?

A Balance Bike looks and rides exactly like a normal bike AND provides a safer riding experience. After trying to ride a bicycle as a kid and failing horribly,  I think we can all agree that the hardest part of bike training, not pedaling. With a Balance Bike, kids use their feet to propel forward. As they become more confident, they lift their feet and simultaneously practice balance and steering. If they ever lose balance, they can simply just drop their feet back on the ground.



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