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xchange sports Kids bike accessories you need to have

Kids Bike Accessories You Need to Have

There are so many cool kid’s bike accessories that can enhance the experience for children when they’re already having a ton of fun! But it goes beyond fun; it’s also about safety and maintenance. We’re going to break down some of the best bike and scooter accessories you should know about.

Bike Accessories

Here are our top bike accessories that you might need for your child:

Bike Light

Kids might want to stay out as the sun is setting. If you live in a safe neighbourhood, why not? But the darkness can make seeing them more difficult. A bike light means they’re unmistakably present on the outskirts of the road as people return from home in the twilight hours. 

Bike Pump & Spares

As adults, we know how awful a flat tire is. Sometimes on bikes and scooters, it’s nothing more than a flat tire, but sometimes it requires spare parts. You’ve got to be ready for either problem. Don’t take the outside away from your child by handicapping their bike due to being unprepared.  

Bike Lock

Keeping a bike safe when you go out is vital. Things get stolen no matter where you live and having a bike locked up means you can rest assured when you leave it alone outside in the wild world. We’ve got a variety of quality locks, ensuring your bike never gets taken away from your kids.


Riding for long periods of time? Riding up strenuous hills? You might need some gloves to keep your kid’s hands comfortable at all times. Gloves enhance the riding experience and make your grip better while keeping your hands comfortable. 

Knee & Elbow Pads

Kids aren’t as experienced as teens or adults when it comes to bikes and scooters. Accidents are bound to happen. Minimize the damage by investing in knee and elbow pads. This will ensure that even if they do fall, they can sustain little injuries if any at all.

Bike Bells & Horns

This is more for nostalgia and fun than it is for anything else. You can enjoy the sounds of kids having fun just by the sound effects of their bike bells and horns. That and the kid’s laughter will be the best noise filling a sunny Sunday afternoon on the porch, park, or beachfront. 

Bike Stand

Why leave the bike on its side or haphazardly against a wall when you can make use of a bike stand to keep the area neat? Mum and Dad will teach their children to maintain clean living spaces, all while their home is cleaner and more organized! Our Strider Bike Stand interlocks with multiple stands to hold multiple balance bikes.

Number Plate

Want to add a bit of character to your kid’s bike? Add on a number plate. Is it necessary? No. Is it awesome? Yes 100%.


Are you looking for a bike or scooter to be able to incorporate these accessories? Or want to enhance an already owned scooter or bike? Then, let’s get your kids in on the fun! Xchange Sports is one of the best places to get your child the scooter or bike of their dream! But no scooter or bike is complete without a helmet! Check out our store for scooters, bikes, balance bikes, helmets, and accessories.

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