Xchange Sports | NDIS Funding To Buy A Kid's Bike In Australia

NDIS Funding To Buy A Kid’s Bike In Australia

Xchange Sports Australia is committed to making sure children of all skill levels and physical abilities can experience the excitement and joy of riding a bike. We have been providing Australians with high-quality, affordable kid’s bicycles for over a decade. Additionally, Xchange Sports Australia offers an impressive selection of options for people in need of disability or mobility aid through the NDIS scheme.

Did you know in some instances the purchase of a Kidvelo Rookie balance to pedal bike can be covered by NDIS funding? Our Rookie 14 and Rookie 18 arrive in Balance Bike mode and can be adapted with the addition of the easy ride pedal kit which comes included with the bike.

For some children, the balance bike mode may be their forever bike mode. Others develop the coordination, balance, and strength to be able to pedal. Either way, the Kidvelo Rookie balance bikes can promote coordination, balance, and core strength building in children.

Our popular lightweight balance bikes are high-quality kid’s bikes and are specifically designed to meet the needs of those living with disabilities, helping them to travel and engage in everyday activities as well as connecting them with their friends and family or simply being part of the community!

What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is funded by the government to provide support for those living with disabilities. This includes people of all ages who have an intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive, and psychosocial disability. In order to access these services, individuals are required to register and be approved for the NDIS plan in their state or territory. Other assistive technologies must also be part of the plan for individuals to be able to purchase bicycles with disabilities approved under the NDIS.

Requesting Funding for ‘Assistive Technology’

  1. Make a list of your current equipment and assistive technology
  2. Get quotes for the bicycles or tricycles you are looking to receive through the NDIS scheme
  3. Find out how much it would cost to maintain and service the bike
  4. Write down why assistive technology will benefit you and help with day-to-day activities.
  5. Ask your Occupational Therapist to fill out an Assistive Technology Assessment Form to be submitted with your request for support and quotes.
  6. Share the above documents with your NDIS planner to ensure the Assistive Technology requested is within the budget of your plan.
  7. Your state’s TAD or Solve will provide you with a quote and supporting letter when requesting funding for Kidvelo Bike from Xchange Sports Australia.

The Process Of Purchasing a New NDIS Bike Through Xchange Sports Australia

1) To make the claim process easier you can now place an order online by using Request an INVOICE at CHECKOUT payment option at www.xchangesports.com.au and we will provide you with a tax invoice within 24 hours.
2) This invoice can be forwarded to your Plan Manager or Occupational Therapist for payment to be arranged. As soon as payment is confirmed your bike will be dispatched.
3) Simply provide your child’s name and NDIS participant no. in the Customer notes of your online order.
Of course, if you or your child’s Occupational Therapist have any questions please contact us directly via phone – at 0408 604 375 or email nicole@xchangesports.com.au and we would be more than happy to assist.

Frequently Used Terms

Assistive Technology: any device that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities. This could be a special chair, a computer program, a Kidvelo bike, or a wheelchair; basically, equipment that assists you in achieving your goals.
TAD: the federation of disability service providers across Australia.
Occupational Therapist: a client-centred health profession concerned with promoting health and wellbeing through occupation.
NDIS Provider: a service or business that can provide support, services, or equipment to help a participant achieve their goals.
Local Area Coordinator: a person who can help you create and implement your plan for NDIS funding.
Plan Manager: an NDIS employee who will help manage funding in your NDIS plan

NDIS funding is dependent on what type of plan you have, your child’s individual goals, and what therapy aids your Occupational Therapist recommends for your child. It certainly is worth discussing this with your child’s OT or Plan Manager.. particularly if your child displays elements of dyspraxia.
Of course, if you or your child’s OT have any questions please contact us directly via phone – 0408 604 375 or email nicole@xchangesports.com.au and we would be more than happy to assist.

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Xchange Sports | NDIS Funding To Buy A Kid's Bike In Australia

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