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Weighing just 2.95kg The Hornit Airo Balance bike starts your little one out on their cycling journey is easier for them than ever before! Thanks to the Hornit Airo’s incredibly lightweight, ultra-hard-wearing magnesium alloy frame they can effortlessly propel themselves along.

Lighter on the wallet than any comparable balance bike, the Hornit Airo balance bike is superior on every meaningful measure. The Hornit Airo balance Bike features footrests which have been stylishly contoured into the frame and the air-filled rubber tyres on aluminium rims make for a smooth free-wheeling experience. The neoprene padded stem provides additional safety, while the fully adjustable seat makes it perfect for ages 18 months to 5 years (with a recommended inside leg of 30-46cm / 11.8" to 18.1").
In addition, sealed bearings mean that the wheels are better protected against road debris and the elements. Zero-maintenance and available with a lifetime warranty, the Hornit 12” balance bike will be the first step into the world of cycling for your budding mini champ!

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Showing all 6 results