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With the i-Glide Kids Scooter, your family’s tradition of fun and adventure continues. Since 2014, i-Glide has been the go-to brand for durability and dependability, ensuring this scooter can tolerate years of energetic play. Our scooters are constructed with high-quality materials that resist wear and tear, making them far-lasting and cost-effective for families. With the i-Glide Kids Scooter, fun is guaranteed without compromising on the longevity of the product.

Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results

Hey, looking for a cool scooter for your kiddo?

Well, welcome to Xchange Sports! We’re excited to show off some seriously cool kids scooters, or as some call ’em, kids kick scooters. From the tiniest tots to the most experienced youngsters, we’ve got the perfect set of wheels for them all!

You see, kiddie scooters are like minified adult scooters – adjusted for our younger patrons. Wondering why to choose a scooter over a kid’s bike? Simple! It’s all about balance and control. Your kiddo can stroll down footpaths or zoom around skate parks with a breeze on these scooters. Plus, most scooters have a handy backfoot brake attached to the back wheel— all under control!

Kids Scooters

These little speedsters offer tons of fun at local skate parks or even your street, and did we mention, they’re light on your wallet as compared to kid’s bikes? Bonus! Most of them fold up for easy storage and transport. Talk about learning while having fun, these scooters help young ones master balance, and control, and at later stages, even some rad skate park tricks.

Convertible Kids Scooters

Speaking of learning, let us introduce you to convertible kid’s scooters. Designed for the younger nuggets, these transform to accommodate various riding styles, from assisted scooting to more traditional scooters. They’re safe, stable with three-wheel designs, and often come with adjustable seats and handles for adults. So you can steer them around when their little legs tire out.

The Best Kids Scooters at Australia’s Best Prices

At Xchange Sports, we’ve got a scintillating array of kid’s scooters in all styles, colours, and sizes. And guess what? We’ve got world-famous brands, including iGlide, Globber, Envy, Grit, and more. Check out our online shop and enjoy flat-rate shipping to Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, and regional Aussie towns. Step on it!

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