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If you’re in search of high-quality, healthy, and delicious salt for your, look no further! We are proud to offer Redmond Real Salt from Australia in our store. Our selection includes fine and coarse salts, as well as special flavors such as garlic or rosemary, which will surely tantalize your taste buds. Additionally, we also provide electrolytes and pre-workout options to meet your specific needs. What sets our real salt apart from others is that it contains all the natural minerals without any added anti-caking agents or dextrose (sugar). Moreover, our salt is not subjected to heat processing, ensuring that you enjoy an authentic experience every time you use it. With nationwide delivery, including rural areas, no one has to miss out on the incredible goodness of this mineral-rich salt!

Showing all 6 results

Showing all 6 results

Freshest Flavors with Every Bite

Your every meal deserves to be a culinary adventure, and the Redmond Real Salt is your ticket to that experience. Sourced straight from Australia’s renowned salt pans, this salt has a pure taste unmatched by ordinary table salts.

Complete the Recipe – Naturally

Natural salt vs. ordinary salt: The Redmond difference. Unlike most salts that undergo heavy processing and contain dextrose or added anti-caking agents, Redmond Real Salt retains all the natural minerals as nature intended – raw and unrefined.

  • No heat processing to preserve the authentic taste
  • No artificial additives that take away the natural goodness
  • An incomparable palatability makes every dish taste like an Australian special!

Powered by Nature for Total Wellness

Mineral-rich and healthy: Redmond Real Salt has your health at its heart. The perfect blend of essential electrolytes and pre-workouts, this salt provides well-rounded support for your bodily functions.

Delivered for Uninterrupted Enjoyment

Accessible to everyone: Regardless of where you reside, we promise hassle-free delivery of Redmond Real Salt across the country.

  • The fine and coarse salts for all your cooking needs
  • Exotic flavours like garlic and rosemary for the experimental chef in you
  • Delivery to even the remotest areas, ensuring everyone can relish this mineral-rich goodness.

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