Redmond Earthpaste


Step into the comfort of natural oral care and experience intense freshness with our Refreshingly Different Toothpaste, made from the simplest ingredients for a perfect, healthy smile.

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A Breath of Freshness: Refreshingly Different Toothpaste

This all-natural toothpaste offers a refreshing change from over-utilized commercial toothpaste brands. Carefully crafted using the simplest of ingredients, it will take you on a sensory journey, leaving your mouth feeling genuinely clean.

1. Purity in Every Tube: Uncomplicated Ingredients

Get back to basics with Refreshingly Different Toothpaste. Each tube contains a blend of wholesome, natural products, including Redmond Clay, xylitol, essential oils, Real Salt®, and nano silver. This toothpaste does not contain unnecessary additives such as glycerin, fluoride, artificial coloring, or foaming agents. The result? A breath of fresh air each time you brush your teeth.

2. Unique Formula: Experience the Difference

Refreshingly Different Toothpaste is not your everyday toothpaste; it’s distinct, it’s unique, and it’s natural. Experience a toothpaste that captures the essence of purity, with an impeccable blend of select ingredients that are as effective as they are simple.

3. Step into a Natural World: Integrating Earth into Oral Care

Our toothpaste incorporates naturally occurring elements like Redmond Clay and Real Salt®. The benefits? It ensures your teeth and gums receive a thorough cleaning every time, leaving your mouth feeling invigoratingly fresh. Say goodbye to the harmful, unnatural ingredients found in other products and step into the comfort of safe, natural oral care.

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