PURE Electrolyte Hydration 42g Sachets

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PURE Electrolyte Hydration is a premium natural electrolyte drink base using real fruit, carbohydrates and electrolytes.

  • Available to buy as single serve sachets or as a box of 25 sachets
  • Each 42g sachet makes 750ml when mixed with water
  • Contains the electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium
  • 5% carbohydrate content
  • Not sickly sweet or over flavoured
  • Gut friendly formulation
  • Made in New Zealand

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PURE Electrolyte Hydration

PURE Electrolyte Hydration is a natural isotonic sports drink powder. When you open a sachet of PURE Electrolyte Hydration the first thing you’ll notice is the amazing smell of fresh fruit.

Available in 4 great flavours: Raspberry, Pineapple, Lemon, Superfruits. (Superfruits contains: Acai, Goji, Pomegranate, Elderberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Cranberry, Strawberry and Raspberries.)

HYDRATION: Proper hydration is essential during exercise, when you are dehydrated, or unwell. When mixed with water to the correct amounts, PURE Electrolyte Hydration will assist with ensuring adequate fluid intake during exercise and to prevent or treat mild dehydration that may occur as a result of sustained strenuous exercise.

ENERGY: Made with a specific blend of sucrose and glucose which helps with rapid replacement of energy, PURE Electrolyte Hydration is designed to promote the availability of energy during exercise. It’s not sickly sweet so you can easily drink it at full strength.

ELECTROLYTES: PURE Electrolyte Hydration is formulated with specific electrolytes for people who lead an active lifestyle, helping to replace electrolytes lost during sweating & exercise.

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Additional information

Flavour: No selection

Lemon 42g Single Serve, Lemon Sachet Box (25), Orange 42g Single Serve, Orange Sachet Box (25), Pineapple 42g Single Serve, Pineapple Sachet Box (25), Raspberry 42g Single Serve, Raspberry Sachet Box (25), Superfruits 42g Single Serve, Superfruits Sachet Box (25)

Nutrition & Usage

PURE Electrolyte Hydration is best used when exercising over one hour or short high-intensity exercise. It provides fluids, electrolytes and energy.

DIRECTIONS: Mix contents of sachet with 750 ml of water. Shake well. Consume within 12 hours of mixing.

RECOMMENDED USE: 500ml – 750ml per hour during extended exercise.

NUTRITION: Please refer to product photos for nutrition details.

PURE Electrolyte Hydration 42g (750ml) – Raspberry

PURE Electrolyte Hydration 42g (750ml) – Pineapple

PURE Electrolyte Hydration 42g (750ml) – Lemon

PURE Electrolyte Hydration 42g (750ml) – Orange

PURE Electrolyte Hydration 42g (750ml) – Superfruits

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3 reviews for PURE Electrolyte Hydration 42g Sachets

  1. Avatar of Jill McCaw

    Jill McCaw

    Great for tramping
    I’ve lost count of the number of these boxes I’ve bought since being introduced to them a year ago. I’m a tramper and the sachets are perfect for tucking into my pack. I make up one in the morning and on a hot hard slog day can go through at least three on top of my 2 litres of water. They really make a difference to my energy levels and leave me feeling healthier at the end of day.
    I love having a variety of flavours and the little thrill of wondering what one I’ll pull out of the depths of my pack. I can’t go tramping without them.

  2. Avatar of Kristina


    Had had lemon and pineapple of these – both flavours taste really good. Used them on a self-supported multi-stage event in combination with the electrolyte capsules, and it was handy having them in single serving packets. Good having the calories, which counted against the minimum calories I had to have on my race. Worked well both in training and during the race itself.

  3. Avatar of Sally Lamplugh

    Sally Lamplugh

    Very handy
    Love this product. So pleased I have found something that makes me the best I can be and is all natural. The sachets are so handy!

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