Simply put, Balance Bikes are the best way for kids to learn how to ride a bike. Imagine a regular bike, shrink it down and take away the pedals. That’s a Balance Bike for you! It’s just a small bike without pedals that allow children to learn the key components of riding a bike without having to worry about pedaling. There are so many benefits to riding a Balance Bike, the major one being… kid’s learn how to balance! As any bike rider knows, this is a crucial skill for any bike ride to be successful. In addition to learning the skill of balance, kids will also experience a stress free ride. They don’t have to worry about turning corners or falling on loose gravel. This is because a Balance Bike is built to ride just like a regular bicycle. They can be ridden for around the park or bike track making the fun endless for your child and family.


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What age are balance bikes for?

Balance bikes are normally for kids from 18 months to 8 years old. If your child can walk, chances are they can use a balance bike.

As balance bikes don’t have a drivetrain (pedals, cranks etc.) they are much lower to the ground and are much lighter than traditional kids bikes. This makes it easier for small kids to propel and steer the bike.

Do balance bikes really work?

Balance bikes typically give kids independence much earlier than traditional pedal bikes with stabilisers/ training wheels. Their inherent simplicity makes means they weigh less than normal bikes and are easier for young kids to understand.

Balance bikes are very intuitive for kids and usually they just grab the bike and go, no instructions needed! By taking the task of pedalling out of the mix, kids are able to concentrate on the more tricky and nuanced skill of balancing the bike.

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How does a balance bike work?

As balance bikes are low to the ground, kids reach the ground with their feet. To move forwards, they push off the ground and begin by walking the bike, then progress to running, striding and gliding. Once they are gliding along independently, they are mastering their balance and are ready to begin pedalling. But there’s no rush, kids can keep going on the balance bike for as long as they wish.

Balance bikes also teach kids how to steer properly by leaning the bike towards the corner, with the assurance of having their feet on the ground.

How to ride a balance bike?

Balance bikes are really simple for kids to ride and often they won’t even need any guidance on how to use it. To ride the balance bike, kids sit on the low saddle while holding the handlebars. Then to move forward they can walk, run, stride or glide, depending on their confidence and experience.

Even smaller more timid kids can start on a balance bike by standing over the frame, in front of the saddle, and just walk normally. By holding the handlebars and getting used to the weight and feel of the bike, their coordination will improve and they can progress to riding while seated.

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BIKE: 12” / 3.3 Kgs
INSEAM: 32– 46cm

BIKE: 14” / 6.6 Kgs
INSEAM: 38 – 56cm

BIKE: 18” / 7.6 Kgs
INSEAM: 48 – 66cm

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