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What is the Point of a Balance Bike?

For kids, there are a lot more options available these days to get them started on a bike so they can get to the big leagues. This is where the balance bike comes into play. A balance bike is a unique kind of bike because it has no pedals, no chain, and pretty much nothing more than just the general structure of a bike. Instead, it’s operated by using your feet to gain momentum and act as the brakes. 

So what is the point of a balance bike? Why should you be getting your little one a balance bike of their own? We’re going to tell you why these are great for your kids!

Balance Bikes Are Fun!

A child will definitely have fun with a balance bike, and that’s a good start. There’s a lot of joy to be had to zip around. Going up and down the street as you get comfortable on a bike will eventually be far more complicated than a two-year-old can handle. 

Balance Bikes Are Great Practice

Every kid will eventually learn how to ride a bike, but a balance bike is almost preparation for learning the real deal. A balance bike gives kids a leg up on training to ride a real bike because they’ve already learned basic balance and coordination. 

Balance Bikes Teach Kids Reactionary and Coordination Skills

Balance bikes are great for teaching kids reactionary and coordination skills. This is because balance bikes are similar to standard bikes in terms of design. They both require the user to remain balanced in order to continue forward. Additionally, when things aren’t going well, you need to react and stop before crashing. A balance bike can really help get kids acquainted with this notion. 

Balance Bikes Are Easy To Use

You don’t want to overcomplicate things, and that’s where a balance bike wins. It’s straightforward to use- you just get up and go! There’s absolutely nothing complicated about a balance bike whatsoever.

Balance Bikes Are Safe

If you’re afraid that your kid might get hurt, don’t worry! Balance bikes are completely safe. You can pick where you let your little one ride and equip them with a helmet and other gear to protect them, but there’s no danger in a balance bike. 

Balance Bikes Are Beneficial For Parents Too

Parents also benefit from balance bikes because it allows them to keep their kids busy while they’re learning something. They’re also getting rid of all that energy, so they’ll sleep soundly tonight!


Overall, balance bikes are great for kids because it helps them develop those necessary skills needed to grow into a bike with peddles, brakes, gears, and all the other things important to bicycles. There’s no doubt in our minds that kids benefit from learning to ride a bike by using a balance bike for a brief time in their childhood. 

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