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Why you dont wnat your kid to use stabilisers

Why You Don’t Want Your Kid to Use Stabilisers

Stabilizers are believed to be an integral part of learning how to ride a bike. You may have used them yourself for learning how to ride one. The reality is that times have changed, and we will show you there are better ways for children to learn how to ride a bike. Here we will demonstrate why you shouldn’t apply stabilizers to their bikes.

What are Stabilizers For?

First thing’s first. What are stabilizers for? If you are not familiar with them, stabilizers are small training wheels that are appended to the sides of childrens’ bikes so they can prevent falls. They are believed to be the “be-all and end-all” when learning how to ride bicycles. We are afraid that this is distant from the truth, and you will see why.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Stabilizers

If you think about it, they are the equivalent of using crutches on bicycles. Would you give crutches to a person who’s barely learning how to walk? Not the best idea. Using stabilizers will create the need for the child to rely on an external element to ride the bicycle when it’s not needed. So, if you enforce the use of stabilizers, they are being set up for failure from the get-go.

Another reason why you may want to steer clear of stabilizers is that they make the bike clunkier and heavier. For using the bike in a straight line, they may do the trick for a short period of time. When taking turns for the first time, problems will ensue. Stabilizers take some lean angle away from the bicycle, making it hard for your kid to actually maintain balance while turning, resulting in unnatural motions.

Besides this, stabilizers also tend to reinforce other bad habits, such as excessive reliance on training wheels for shifting the weight around corners. With stabilizers, they will rock from side to side while cornering, which is quite distant from what needs to be done on proper two wheels.

Uneven ground is not well-acquainted with stabilizers either. If your small one decides to take on banked surfaces, the stabilizers will make the bike topple over. It can hurt your child physically, as it can result in a hard fall.

On top of these reasons, they are bulky and bothersome. It is wise to consider other alternatives to stabilizers for learning how to ride bikes.

What’s the Best Solution?

Now you may be wondering what is the best solution if training wheels are not the best bet. The answer is simple: get a kids’ balance bike! They can teach your children the art of balance in a safer and more intuitive way than stabilizers. On top of that, they will make for a smoother transition to an actual pedal bike, since these behave in the same way as balance bikes do.

Get the Best for Your Child

Here we have shown you why you ought to opt-out of stabilizers, and get a balance bike instead. Your kid will be happier and safer while enjoying the learning process! You can find balance bikes in Australia at

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