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How to Measure Bike Helmet For Your Children’s

The number one rule of having fun should always be having fun safely. It’s essential for kids to have the best balance bike and Helmet, in some cases, protective padding when it comes to riding a bike or a scooter. The younger your kids, the more need there is for protective padding. As they get older, the need somewhat falls away. But one thing kids should always be wearing is a helmet and kids bike gloves to protect kids properly. It doesn’t matter how old or cool they are; they’re important.

We all know there are plenty of kids’ helmets on the market. But there’s an accurate method for measuring children’s heads to ensure they get a helmet that works for them. Here’s how you can measure your child’s head for a well-fitted kids’ helmet.

Types Of Helmets

We’ve got three varieties of kids’ helmets:

Measuring Head Circumference 

To measure your child’s head, you need to measure the circumference of their head. Start by measuring above the ear, then wrap the tape measure around their head. Ensure it’s 1” above the eyebrows/glasses frame, write down the measurement, and use this as your guiding light.

Securing Your Child’s Helmet

Here’s how you can adequately secure your kid’s helmets on their heads:

  • Place the helmet on their head facing forwards. The helmet’s front should rest two fingers above the eyebrows or glasses. Too forward and your child won’t be able to see, which leads to accidents. 
  • Adjust the fit by removing ponytails and other accessories, then adjust the dial if one is available.
  • Adjust the straps, ensuring that the Y of the strap is below the ears and the chin strap is comfortable with mobility for mouth movements. 
  • Readjust as you go!

What Makes a Good Helmet

Kids’ helmets are all made differently. Some are made with quality materials, and some are cheap low-quality products. Why is it essential to get a helmet made with proper materials? Because every year, thousands of kids go to the ER because of bike and scooter accidents.

 The following features to be considered a Good helmet:

  1. Vents = These are great for keeping your children from overheating, making them more comfortable for kids to wear. 
  2. Expanded Polystyrene Liner = This particular type of styrofoam helps properly distribute the force of an impact. 
  3. Multi-directional Impact Protection System Technology = This high-tech system helps regulate how much the helmet moves if impact occurs. It does this by use of a special slip-frame positioned inside the helmet.   


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