Xchange Sports | Mastering a Balance Bike - A Joyful Challenge For Your Kid

Mastering a Balance Bike – A Joyful Challenge For Your Kid

Mastering a balance bike will create some big smiles – on both you and your child.  The best part of all for you, as a parent, is that there’s really no teaching of this skill – your brilliant kid, like all the others out there, will probably take to it naturally.  There is a progression of skills they will go through, and before you know it – zoom!  They’ll be off to the balance bike races.  Here’s how the balance bike self-teaching course goes.  All you have to provide is the balance bike, the parental enthusiasm, and a safe place to ride.  Let’s go!

The Four Stages of Balance Bike Riding for your Toddler

By toddler, we refer to the ages of 2 to 4, prime balance bike riding time for your kid.  Here are how the four stages work:

Stage 1 – from approximately 18 months to 3 years old – stand and walk

At this earliest stage, your little guy or gal will stand over the frame of the bike, and walk it along.  Brace yourself for a cute-fest.  They will push the bike for as long as they feel comfortable with it, and not quite comfortable with trying out the seat.  Let them take their time – it can last quite a while, or they will move on after a few tries of the stand-and-walk approach. Be patient with them; let them find their way, at their own pace.  It may take a few weeks at this stage, but it’s all good.

Stage 2 – approximately 2 to 3 year-olds – sit and walk

At some point, your kid will take the plunge and try out the seat of their balance bike.  At this stage, as they get accustomed to the seated position, they will continue to walk the bike along.  It’s still very cute to watch.  One of the best things you can do at this stage is to find a spot where other kids.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; when your child sees other kids wheeling around, and lifting their feet, balancing, and generally experimenting, they will too.  

Stage 3 – approximately 2 to 4 year-olds – sit and run – and balance

This is an exciting stage when your little rider realizes they can actually lift their feet and stay upright as the balance bike rolls along.  Be advised – be ready to chase after them, once they realize they can sit and run and really get the unit moving.  Trust us, they will run fast, once they get the hang of it.

Stage 4 – approximately 2-½ to 4-year-olds – sit and run – and glide

Now comes exploration time.  As your little one has mastered their balance bike, they will want to explore and experiment.  Watch them as they see that gliding is as much, if not more fun than sitting, running and balancing.  Watch them take the little hills.  At this point, they have pretty much mastered their balance bike.  Our advice is not to push them too fast toward pedals – let them have a blast with their balance bike for as long as they feel like it.

We hope you found this guide useful.  We have a wonderful selection of balance bikes in stock – check them out.

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Xchange Sports | Mastering a Balance Bike - A Joyful Challenge For Your Kid

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