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How Do You Stop On a Balance Bike?

One of the key elements of knowing how to ride a balance bike is to be under control at all times. The component that matters the most is the ability of the infant to come to a halt when needed. If you want to teach your child how to brake on a balance bike, these are the tips to follow.

How to Stop On a Balance Bike

Stopping Without Brakes

At first, this may seem weird to you. If you have a grasp of common sense, you are inclined to think that you must use brakes whenever you need to stop. Contrary to your belief, try to take notice of how many children plant their feet on the ground to stop the bike instead of using the brakes. You will be astonished the next time you are at a playground.

Another defining factor is age. Children younger than 18 months old should go for brakeless bikes. The reason is that kids this age are more likely to drag their feet on the ground than actually use brakes. This happens out of instinct.

You should also consider that toddlers rarely possess the required motor skills to press on brake levers to stop bikes. Hence it is sensible to get them a bike which can enable them to stop it with their feet.

Stopping With Brakes

When is it correct to get a bike with brakes? If you are still wondering, age defines this too.  The best age to have a bike with brakes would be 3-4 plus years as they have the strength now in their hands to use a brake lever to stop the bike.

For 18 months to 3.5 years in age,  we would recommend no brakes due to the ability to stop faster and safer with their feet than a hand brake as they do not have the ability to use the brake at that age.

Kids these ages are more likely to be scattered all over the place, visiting unruly territory that calls for fast stops. When reaching this stage, inclines and other factors like speed are going to become their sidekicks, which will render placing feet on the ground insufficient. So, in short, you have to go for brakes.

How to Teach Your Child How to Stop the Bike

Wear Protections

First thing’s first. Here we are very adamant about children wearing all of their protective gear. At all times, you must regard your child’s wellbeing. This implies making them wear a properly fitting helmet, wrist, knee, and elbow pads. Falling is part of learning too. Getting hurt shouldn’t.

Go Easy!

It can be tempting to thrust your child off an incline from the get-go. Instead, you should opt to find a large, even surface area free of hazards, where they can securely gain the needed skills to learn how to operate a balance bike.

Always look for well-maintained tarmac. The reason for going for tarmac is that it is much easier to gain speed, and also because they don’t need to do much to stop the bike, which can help with braking.

If they are using no brakes, you should teach them to slide their 2 feet on the ground until fully stopping the bike. If they are using brakes, you should first teach them the functioning of the brake levers, and let them get used to them gradually. When ready, they can go for other riding spots that involve rather heavier braking use.

How to Stop on a Balance Bike

Stopping on a balance bike can be scary, so it is your responsibility to help your child along the way. Always make sure they use their balance bikes within their limits. 

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