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What Age is a 2 Wheel Scooter For?

Two-wheel scooters are a ton of fun, and every kid wants to get on one these days. But, just because every kid wants to get on one doesn’t mean every kid should. What is the appropriate age for a kid to begin using a two-wheel scooter? That’s what we want to answer so you can make a purchase with confidence for your little one. 

The general age for a child to upgrade to a 2 wheel scooter is 4 or 5. However, it can be as young as 2. There’s really no actual age for when a kid can start. As long as they’re walking, they might be able to be on a two-wheeler. But there are some things to consider. 

Is My Child Ready?

This is the real question a lot of parents struggle with when it comes to getting their kids a scooter. Of course, they want their kids to build their physical confidence, motor skills, get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun, but what is the right way to do that?

To determine if your child is ready, just look at their ability to walk. This means you are monitoring them from an early age, where you’re looking to see if they walk with a steady gait. If the answer is yes, then they’re ready for a 2-wheel scooter!

The latest age we’ve seen for a child being totally ready for a 2-wheel scooter is about 6, and even then, that’s a bit on the later side. Start really young by  getting them acquainted with a scooter. Even if it means starting them on a 3-wheel scooter.

Is a 2 or 3 Wheel Scooter Better For My Kid?

The other question people get tripped up in answering is if they should be getting a 2 or 3-wheeled scooter. The answer to this question relates to the first question. If they’re walking without any issues, then maybe just go straight to a 2-wheel scooter. However, if you see they’re maybe not 100% where they need to be, then go with a 3-wheel scooter. 

3-wheel scooters are super easy for toddlers to use and a great way to bridge that gap between no scooter and a 2-wheel scooter. 

Large or Small Kick Scooter?

The next question is how big is this scooter going to be, and this is answered on a kid-by-kid basis. You want to get a scooter that is comfortable for them and can handle their weight and size. Size is usually determined by the wheels. 

Small size is usually wheels that are 100mm, 120mm, or 125mm. A medium is 145mm, or 180mm. A large is 200mm or 205mm. Finally, a very large is 230mm+.


The main point of this all should be to get a kid on a scooter and out into the great outdoors. They’re preparing for a bike, or if they’re using a 3-wheel scooter, they’re preparing for a 2-wheel scooter. There are benefits whichever way you go, and that’s what really matters. 

Take a look at our store to see if there’s a 2-wheel scooter that’s perfect for your child and if you’re looking for 3-wheeled scooters, we’ve got you covered!


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